About Us

Travel Hub Guesthouse

Travel Hub Guesthouse is a perfect place if you are looking for great location, good prices and an excellent social environment. 

Travel Hub Highstreet

The Chinatown inspired decor reflects the same atmosphere in the market streets inside the building. With our modernized twist of the loft styled concept and the old touch and feel of chinatown, it would definitely be an experience.  

The Attic Bar

The beautiful and lively bar above Travel Hub KL has many praises from far away guest to the familiar locals. The bar offers great city views, amazing cocktails and great decor is a place where you would not want to miss out. 

Story About Travel Hub KL

Travel Hub KL strives on the community and the togetherness of the backpacking community. Our focus on being the hub of everything, be it the exchange of information, a place where backpackers gather or maybe a place where it makes you feel like home, we work hard to encourage the atmosphere of familiarity in a place of many who are away from home feel safe and never lonely. 

Our Goal

To have a hub where all of your travel needs and information in one place.

The Neighborhood

The old timely neighborhood of Chinatown has existed since the birth of the city. With the long business heritages, the food culture and also the people, Chinatown has a great blend of the old and new age cultures merging together.

The Crew

Our crew from many corners of the world are grouped together to give you the best blend of personalities, cultures as well as a great vibrant mix of languages. But, our one goal to serve, help and the international gesture of a smile makes Travel Hub KL a place like home .


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